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Why them?


You might be wondering why there is a fan site out there for a tv couple who haven't been together for over 2 years.

The answer is simple--I just discovered them. Thanks to the wonders of the DVD boxset, I have been on a rapid fire tour of the first season in just under 2 weeks.

While I realize that the current climate is more geared towards Luke and Lorelai, I have decided that this couple is at least worth it's 15 minutes. And, I'm sure they got it, back when this was all relevant to the fans who watched the show from the beginning. But, here I am, at the beginning and I think something must be done to celebrate such a beautiful, though short-lived couple.

And now to the important stuff. What is it about these two people that they have given me pause in my devotion to the show's central couple/mythical love arc, Luke and Lorelai?


Let me explain:

Natural chemistry

There are some actors out there who, for whatever mysterious reasons, just light up the screen when they're together. Lauren Graham and Scott Cohen seem to have this in abundance. Every scene they share, they just emanate this radiant enjoyment of one another that comes off the TV screen and hits you like a thousand yellow daisies.

In addition, their physical chemistry is hard to miss. There are a small handful of examples, in my opinion, of paired actors who have this kind of natural physical chemistry. That when you see them together, you can't help but feel the heat and the passion. It's magnetic-- and wholy compelling.


star-crossed romance

There was something powerful in the tension between these two. Fully aware that, to begin with, embarking on a relationship with her daughter's teacher was ill-advised, and fueled by the knowledge that eventually it would have to end, Lorelai gave herself, with complete abandon, to this relationship. She was hesitant at first, but after one single day spent together, the fire began to burn. And it grew hotter with every passing moment.

As though they were trying to take from it all that they could before it dissapeared.

And maybe that was all it could ever be. A bright fire that burned hot and then burned out.


  But it sure was great while it lasted...