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5/31/04 : So far I have only seen episodes with them together from season 1 and season 3. I have purposefully avoided looking for transcripts or screen captures of the second season episodes because I want to see them for myself when they are available to me. As I gather more information, I will update it, here.

Update 6/2/04: Just saw 2:01 (Sadie, Sadie). Summary and screen caps updated.

Update 6/4/04: On my way to the sad, sad ending, I assume. Hammers and Veils now archived (summary and caps)

Update 6/6/04: Aaaand, here we are. More of the same for 2:03. I have to say I'm sorry to see it crumble. I have this belief that it didn't have to be this way but I think it was well written, the way it ended.

Update 6/25/04: Finally saw 2:05. Much like Max's very last episode in the 3rd season, his last scene here was very anticlimactic. Kind of sad, but I suppose there's not much more that could have been done with him at that point.

Update 7/1/04: Just saw "The Big One". A surprisingly great episode. With the return of the adorable banter and the magnetic pull between these two. Just adorable! Also added audio clips to several of the screen cap pages. Eventually I plan to have audio clips for all of the episodes.

Update 7/4/04: Added a whole bunch of audio clips to the screen caps page. I'm on my way to having some for every episode.