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Historical info



1:04 "The Deer Hunters"

     Lorelai Gilmore is introduced to Mr. Medina, Rory's English teacher, at parent's night. Afterwards, she seeks him out to talk about Rory's grades and they have a nice bit of banter about the bad coffee and her B-52s shirt. Both seem to really enjoy each other's company. Lorelai is smiling widely and joking with him and just a bit more clumsy than usual.

    Later, they meet again in the headmaster's office to discuss Rory's test, which she was late to and thus, not allowed to take. She and Mr. Medina argue about it but he seems to respect the tenacity with which she defends her daughter.

    At home, that night, Lorelai listens to her phone messages and finds an impromptu compliment for herself in a message about Rory. She is pleased.


1:05 "cinnamon's wake"

    Lorelai meets up with Max Medina at the school again. This time she is helping out with Rory's bake sale. Max convinces her that they should have coffee together. He is clearly interested in her but she is worried that dating one of  Rory's teachers might jeopardize their relationship. Eventually, she conceeds that if she were to be out having coffee on her own and he just happened to be there, then she would be not at all in the wrong.

    They meet "coincidentally" at the coffee house and, after much discussion and quite a bit of banter, they decide that they both want to date and agree on a time--which unfortunately falls through, later, because of a wake...for a cat.


1:08 "Love and War and Snow"

    A snow storm has blown into town, making Lorelai very happy. It also, coincidentally, brings Max into town. His car breaks down and, as he is having it looked at, Lorelai happens to walk by and see him. The grin on her face is ear-splitting. They decide that since the snow storm is not going anywhere for a  while that he should stay and they should finally have their date.

    They have some coffee and go see a movie at the local movie house. And share their first kiss in the snow storm. Max walks her home but is not ready for the evening to end at her front door. She is hesitant to let him in because of the possible repercussions with Rory, but he persuades her that one day she will have to let some guy come inside. She decides that he's right and lets him in.

    They talk easily and she makes more coffee. Eventually, they end up moving towards each other, kissing. Gravitating, hungrily, up the stairs, towards the bedroom...when they are suddenly interrupted by Lane, standing at the foot of the stairs, in the middle of an emotional crisis.

    Lorelai and Max put their passion on hold and she takes care of Lane. Max spends the night on the couch.


1:11 "Paris Is Burning"

    Lorelai is starting to get worried that her relationship with Max is becoming too weird for Rory, and decides that she should end it. She shows up at the school to tell him that, but they end up succumbing to their desire for one another in the empty classroom, instead. Their steamy kiss is accidentally witnessed by a snooping Paris, who proceeds to spread it to the whole school.

    Rory is humiliated and finally it sinks in, for Lorelai, why she really does have to end it. She meets Max at the same coffee shop where they had their first pre-date and he tells her that he was reprimanded by the head master for his indiscretion with her. He tells her he thinks they should break it off, and then walks out the door, leaving her, face-fallen in disappointment, alone at the bar.

    Rory comes home that night to find her mother curled up on her bed, crying. In a touching role reversal, Rory climbs in bed beside her mother and comforts her as she cries.


1:17 "The Breakup: Part 2"

    In the process of trying to find out information about Rory's break-up with Dean, Lorelai is surprised to find herself unable to answer the question "How long did it take you to get over Max?" She comes to realize that she is, in fact, not over Max and goes over to his house to tell him.

    He's surprised to see her but after a bit of babbling and an eventual confession that she still misses him and that she never got over him, he invites her in--to her great relief. 

    Talking turns, quickly, into kissing, which the two of them try, numerous times, to stop, without success.  Lorelai makes sure to point out that she did not come over there for that.

    Without really meaning to, they end up eventually in bed together. They are happy but mutually aware that nothing has changed about their situation. At Max's request, they agree that they should talk to one another, on the phone, regularly, so they can try and figure out their relationship.


1:20 "P.S. I Lo..."    

    Max comes over to Lorelai's for a date and ends up in the middle of a family situation. Rory has run off in an angry whirlwind after an argument about Dean, and Lorelai is terrified not knowing where she is. Max is very supportive and steadies her in her time of need.

    He points out, though, that she has not told anyone that they are seeing one another again. He accuses her of having some reason why she doesn't want people to know about them. She denies it.

    Later, after talking with Rory about her inability to say "I love you", Lorelai realizes that she has the same problem and promptly calles up Max to tell him that she is going to phone everyone in her address book and tell them about them--which she does.


1:21 "Love, Daisies and Troubadours"

    In the middle of an argument about past lovers, Max blurts out a proposal to Lorelai. She is stunned and a little horrified at the lack of romance. She thinks there should be a white horse and "a thousand yellow daisies" involved. He doesn't quite agree.

   Later on, she arrives at the inn to find Michel and Kirk arguing about a delivery of flowers. It seems, Kirk was given explicit instructions to have Lorelai sign for them. She can't understand what the fuss is about until it dawns on her that they are talking about a huge number of daisies. She goes inside to discover the foyer of the inn covered floor-to-ceiling with yellow daisies which, she realizes, is Max's "impetuous" attempt to propose in a more romantic way. She is touched beyond words.

    He doesn't want her answer right then,  but tells her that he loves her and that he wanted to seize this opportunity before it passed them by.


2:01  "Sadie, sadie"

    Stars Hollow is littered with yellow daisies and Lorelai is still trying to decide if she is going to marry Max. Everyone in town is excited to hear of her maybe-engagement but more excited, still, to see what will happen when she tells Luke about it. Lorelai is surprised with Luke's very cool response, until he starts to ask her all of those pesky down-to-earth questions like Where are they going to live? and Joint bank accounts or separate? She doesn't want to be bogged down like that and leaves the diner a little rattled. 

    At Friday night dinner, Lorelai is distracted--drifting off into day dreams and slipping her butterfly ring on her ring finger to see how it looks. Just before dinner, she makes up an excuse to step outside, and promptly calls Max. Asking him, as soon as he picks up the line, all the questions that Luke put into her head. Max takes this to mean that she is accepting his proposal. After some prodding, he apparently gets it out of her that she is.

    She returns to the dining room with a huge smile on her face that Rory interprets to mean exactly what it means and they hug and squeel and jump up and down right there, much to the frustration and confusion of the clueless grandparents.

    At home, later, the phone rings and Rory answers. It's Max and he wants to know which ring she thinks Lorelai would like. Lorelai is, of course, right there, and Rory, not so subtly, runs each description by her. Eventually just handing the phone to her mother, at her "barking" request.

    When we see them next, Lorelai and Max are sitting outside on her porch, talking. Lorelai is regaling Max with tales of her crazy parents and asking if he really wants to marry into that family.  He proceeds to  smoothly segue into the presentation of the ring, which she is delighted with. He slips it on her finger but realizes, to his disappointment, that it's too big. He tells her he will just take it and have it resized  but she is, cutely, unwilling to take it off even for a second. Eventually she agrees but not before she has just another minute with it. She curls up against him and smiles a great big smile as she admires the ring, starry-eyed, and says, to herself, happily "I'm getting married."    


2:02 "Hammers and veils"

    Lorelai finally gets up the nerve to tell her mother about she and Max but finds her response rather lack- luster. When she has dinner with Max later on, she  becomes increasingly upset with the fact that Max's parents are loving and supportive and happy for him, while her parents act as though she were asking them what they thought about her buying a Honda.

    After dinner Lorelai rants in the car and steers Max in the direction of her parents house. Max tries to convince her not to ring the bell--saying that she is in a bad emotional state--but she will have none of it. And does so, anyway.

    As Max stands back, a little awkwardly, Lorelai and Emily proceed to have a huge argument and Lorelai tells Emily how she feels about the lack of enthusiasm about her wedding announcement. Which, then, prompts Emily to blurt out that she already knew about it and was equally hurt to have to find out from Sookie, knowing that Lorelai told everyone else first. Max tries to smooth things over a little before they leave but  is not incredibly successful.

    Max discovers, at the surprise wedding shower, that most of the gifts have been for Lorelai. She reminds him that "In this town, I am the queen and you are merely my jester"--a role he is more than happy to fulfill.

    Atop their thrones, Max and Lorelai discuss the fact that he is leaving for Toronto on business and will be away for several weeks. He asks her to come with him but she has work and Rory to take care of and can't go. He tells her he will miss her and probes for reassurance that she will want him just as much when he comes back as she does now. She promises she will.

    They have a nice wedding shower dance at the end of it.

2:03 "red light on the wedding night"

    Max finds himself not really fitting in with the "girls club" when he is invited by Lorelai to stay the night at her place, while his apartment is being painted.  

    After they all watch a movie together Lorelai and Max go upstairs to bed. Lorelai is very unsettled having him there in their house and in her bed, and she eventually ends up running to Rory's room and climbing into her bed.  Lorelai tries to twist her own anxiety into manufactured concern for how Rory will handle it when Max moves in and things inevitably change. Rory is, however, unconcerned, except for her mother's sake.

        After a double date with Rory and Dean, a few days later, Lorelai eats a ton and comes home feeling sick. She goes upstairs to languish on the bed and Max follows a few minutes later with adorable kisses for her.  Their sweetness turns a little bitter, however, when Max brings up the subject of how he fits into Lorelai and Rory's life as a step parent and husband. She doesn't really have a good answer for him and seems uncomfortable with the topic--silencing him and ending the fight with a seductive kiss.

    At Lorelai's bachelorette party, later on, the gang are all surprised to find Emily joining them.  All the talk about weddings makes her nostalgic and she starts to reminisce about her wedding to Richard. Telling stories about how excited and happy she was a week before her wedding. How she couldn't sleep and she would wake up every night to try on her wedding gown in front of the mirror. This makes everyone at the table want to call their significant others. Lorelai leaves the table with her phone, to call Max, they assume, but instead calls Christopher to tell him she's getting married.   

    After some discussion at the breakfast table, about the suspicious call to Christopher, Rory begins to worry that something is going on with Lorelai. Her suspicion is confirmed the next day when her mother rushes into her room, while she is reading, all excited about taking a road trip the very weekend she is supposed to get married.

    Lost in the exciting details of their fun spontaneous road trip, Lorelai seems to be repressing something. It is only when Rory asks her, point blank, if she and Max are getting married that her face falls and her voice cracks and she admits that, "No" they are not. When prodded for a why, she admits, clearly heart-broken and now crying, "Because I didn't want to try on my wedding dress every night."  Rory allows herself a split second to process this and then starts to pack for the road trip.

2:05 "nick and nora/sid and nancy"

    Rory, very excited to be back at school, tries to avoid seeing Max but is unsuccessful and bumps into him anyway. Flustered and not sure what to say, she turns and runs the other way. Paris happens to see this exchange and files it for future use.

    Later, at the meeting of the Franklin, Paris offers Rory the prestigious front-page assignment of interviewing the favorite teacher from last year. Rory is certain that there is a catch. Which there is--the favorite teacher from the last year was Max Medina.

    Rory is not certain if she will be able to handle interviewing him but accepts the assignment, unwilling to sacrifice her hard won prize  to give in to Paris' hazing.

    The interview goes fairly well. Rory is able to draw from her sense of professionalism to get through it. Eventually, of course, the interview strays off topic. Rory tells Max, somberly, that she's sorry things didn't work out with her mom and that she really wanted him to be her stepfather. He echoes the sentiment.

    Later, Rory is working on her article at the breakfast table and Lorelai happens across her notes. She asks what they are and Rory tells her about the assignment to interview Max. Lorelai scans the questions, wistfully,  and then sighs as she says to herself "I sure know how to dump 'em, don't I."



3:16  "the big one"

    Plagued by a case of "deadly allergies" Lorelai makes a run into Dosse's Market for some non-drowsy allergy medication but finds that they are all out. On her way to Hartford, anyway, for Friday night dinner, she decides to just hit a store there to get some.

    While in the store, heading for the check out counter, she turns a corner around an isle and runs head-long into Max Medina, whom she is shocked to see but plays it off very well. They have a nice and only slightly awkward catch-up session which melts easily into their old familiar reparte. Max tells Lorelai that he's been in California teaching at Stanford and asks how Rory is doing. They chatter about Rory's new boyfriend and how Lorelai hates him. And then Max tells Lorelai he better get going, leaving her standing in the isle a little stunned.

    Uncertain what to think about this new development in her life, Lorelai talks with Sookie and Rory, who both tell her that Max was a "great guy." She wonders, out loud, if Max hates her for what she did to him.

    Later on, at the school, where Rory is supposed to make a speech with Paris, Lorelai again runs into Max, as she's going to get coffee. Feeling that  they never got a chance to talk about what happened between them, she and Max go into an empty classroom and have a talk. Lorelai tries to make her apologies and explain why she never called him but he cuts her off, assuring her that he is fine and that he's over it. She tells him she feels a little foolish, in that case and he heads back out to find his seat.

    After the evening's debaucle is over, Lorelai goes to find her coat, while Rory talks with Paris, and runs, one more time, into Max. They banter just like no time has passed at all, smiling and laughing, giddily. As they turn to make their way out the door and say their good byes one last time, they get caught up in a moment and end up kissing. When they come out of it, Max says "And apparently I'm not over it.


3:19  "keg! Max!"

    Lorelai is reminded, in a letter, shortly before Rory's graduation, that she has not been a very active participant in the PTA and so, grudgingly, attends a meeting. In the middle of a discussion about Prom, Lorelai is stunned to find Max strolling in and taking a seat at the table. He acknowledges her but as though there were no history between them at all. She is flustered and upset.

    When she returns for the next meeting, Max is not there. She looks around, hoping that he will show up, but when he doesn't, and, it appears, he has sent another teacher in his place, she excuses herself to go looking for him.

    Ultimately, she ends up finding him grading papers in his classroom. She accuses him of trying to avoid her, which he denies, and of pretending like there was nothing between them when he showed up at the last meeting.

    When she tries to approach him, Max insists that she keep at least 10 feet between them at all times--worried about what might happen if he gets too close to her. They talk for a while but, after Lorelai nearly backs Max into a corner, in trying to stay away from her, they decide that nothing has changed between them and they should go their separate ways, like they tried to do before.

    Disheartened and realizing this may be the last time she ever sees him, Lorelai turns to go. Only to bump into him one last time on the way out of the classroom.



"Oh, Max, we had a whole country between us for a year. That's like eleven-thousand basketball players lying end to end, and yet, here we are. We can't avoid each other."